An unusual event was organized in Tokyo: 9 porn stars took their T-shirts off and let visitors touch their boobs - for charity. "I never thought my boobs could contribute to society! 
Recently we opened our charity online store, where all sale proceeds benefit the work of Designers against AIDS, our education center in Antwerp and our projects worldwide and it's starting to look really good, wat with high end designer pieces, contemporary labels, upcycled hand embroidered vintage Hmong hill tribe fabrics and comfortoble and cool cotton pieces straight from India. 
September 5 was Freddie Mercury's birthday and each year on (or around) this date, The Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT) organizes fundraising events, where people- and some selected cats like our house cat Ziggy, who's pictured here with a big moustache and an even bigger wink on his face- can dress up like Freddie (even if it's just with a clip on moustache), get sponsored by family & friends and send the money they raise to the MPT. 
We just read this Op-Ed by Pauline Oosterhoof in The Guardian and it's something to think about over the weekend- have a happy one, everybody! 
This week we're very busy: not only are we expecting a visit from a film crew to shoot a video here, but we're also working on expanding and promoting the DAA Online Charity Shop. 
A girl born with HIV and seemingly cured with medications, now has had detectable levels of the virus return at the age of 3 1/2.
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