It’s time to get excited: today Eastpak has released the limited-edition bags of this extremely special collection, combining signature Jean Paul Gaultier design elements with Eastpak's uncompromising functionality. 
During the 36th meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, held in December 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, spoke to Joel Goldman, the Managing Director of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), about how HIV programmes funded by private foundations are contributing to ending the AIDS epidemic, the work done by ETAF and the future of the AIDS response.
What is the goal of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation?
"ETAF is a nonprofit organization established by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991 to raise awareness and funds to respond to AIDS and to grant assistance to people living with HIV. 
An Indian saree adorned with condoms plays the lead role in the documentary ‘SURAKSHA’ (meaning protection- see the trailer here: 
As the Tokio Hotel Official Philippine Fan Club have been around since 2007 and were actually the first fan club in Asia Pacific to be declared as official -even before the Humanoid album was released- we have been known to organize elaborate parties and events to keep the fan base alive and interested in the band, despite the long hiatus. 

During the last few weeks, the DAA Online Charity Shop has been given a small revamp. 

Following a year long pilot program in Indonesia called Bali Against AIDS, we now plan to expand the project to cover the entire country, reaching out to young people with all the information they need for their sexual health including what diseases are out there, symptoms, protecting themselves, where to get tested, their rights as well as the support available to them regarding these matters. 
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