Millions of refugees are fleeing their home countries because their religious beliefs, sexual orientation and/or race are not accepted by their communities and they are threatened with violence, or often even death. 
We LOVE this: Swedish brand & Other Stories invited Valentijn, Hari, Amos, Love and Nina -five transgender creatives- to tell a story that challenges the traditional notion of beauty and identity in fashion.
As stylist Love Bailey sums up: 
"Reflective design is all about message, about culture, and about the meaning of a product." Donald A. 
A story we heard recently goes like this:
As part of the celebrations to mark World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd, the 2014/2015 MISA media awards were given. 
On July 7, UNAIDS, WHO and UNFPA have released a communal statement about the use of condoms to prevent HIV infections and other STD's and unplanned pregnancies. 
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