For foreigners, the weather in Belgium can be a bit disturbing. On a same day it rains, the sun comes out, the wind blows... it's really 4 seasons in one day here. 
Hi there! My name is Luna and I study communication at ArtesisPlantijn in Antwerp. The reason I'm telling you is because I would love to do my internship at DAA. 
The giant pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline said yesterday that its work on a vaccine for Ebola will “come too late” to do anything about the current situation. 

The United Nations this summer announced triumphantly -in the run up to yet another global conference- the end of AIDS by 2030. 
Eastpak Artist Studio x DAA just went live! Jean Paul Gaultier, Manolo Blahnik and wildcard competition winners KRJST are part of 16 well known and avantgarde designers and artists who customized a special backpack for an online charity auction on World Aids Day, December 1st. 
This week we're very busy: not only are we expecting a visit from a film crew to shoot a video here, but we're also working on expanding and promoting the DAA Online Charity Shop. 
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