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For the second year running we're organizing our #safesexyselfie project, where people write their own (or their favorite) safe sex slogan on a piece of paper, take a selfie -or have someone else take a photo of them holding their paper- and post & share it on their favorite social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…), using the hashtag #safesexyselfie

Wouldn’t it be great if people all over the world would massively post these kind of selfies the coming weeks, culminating on Valentine's Day 2017 You can help! 
Since 2014 we are doing a pilot project in Indonesia for 'Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero', with the aim of informing young people about HIV/AIDS and the need for safe sex, using international pop culture like we do with Designers against AIDS, mixed with local culture and ambassadors. 
Getting tested for HIV on a regular basis is important and nowadays nothing could be easier or more discreet, as you can now buy the Insti Test and do it at home. 
For FW16 Essentiel-Antwerp collaborates with Designers Against AIDS. The result is a capsule collection that exudes power, with 25% of proceeds going to support our work. 
When you think about condom advertisements, you think of the standard ones with a couple ready to crawl under the sheets to get ‘cosy’. 
We are extremely upset after the shooting in Orlando and other hate attacks on members of the gay community (for instance during Gay Pride in Istanbul), so we want to feature this beautiful photo again. 
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