… Mikaela Correa From Spain!

During the month of January, Designers against AIDS and Pensamentos Tokio Hotel (a TH fanclub based in Brasil) held a contest on social media with the aim to find more followers for Designers against AIDS and the fanclub. 
When Hanne Gaby Odiele was two weeks old, she developed an infection. Her parents took her to the hospital near their native Kortrijk, Belgium; the doctors did some blood work—and then they informed Franke and Annie Termote that their little boy was going to be just fine.
Boy? They were flabbergasted. 
We're very proud of our book 'Designers against AIDS-The First Decade' and think it's the perfect present for someone you love. 
It all started out with a simple Google search on a peaceful Friday night. 
In 2011 Marc Jacobs created 3 different Playboy T-shirts to benefit DAA. 
Designers against AIDS (DAA) is organizing a brand new project where fashion designers and students make a new outfit from unsold second hand clothes at Pardaf Antwerp- the oldest vintage store of the Benelux. 
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