Have you guys heard about the the first cultural festival in Odisha, India? Let me tell you about it... as you may know, India is famous because of their Bollywood movies, where there’s a lot of of singing and dancing going on. 
Ninette, the founder and creative director of Designers against AIDS, celebrates her 65th birthday next month and she thought up something special to celebrate that day:
"I have everything I need, so instead of presents for my 65th birthday on January 22nd I would like to invite my friends to donate to the cause closest to my heart: 
Dear friends and supporters of Designers against AIDS- we'd love for you to send us news from your country regarding LGBT rights, Pride events, gay marriage, cool campaigns, HIV testing places and other subjects that might be of interest to our target audience: 
Guilty pleasures, everyone has them. They can go from cheat meals to liking weird artists. 
‘Greater Than AIDS’ is a leading public information response focused on the U.S domestics HIV/AIDS epidemic, in particular communities and people most affected. 
In 2011 Marc Jacobs created 3 different Playboy T-shirts to benefit DAA. 
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