Ozden Demir
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 11th of February 2010 05:08:34 PM

Londen based fashion designer Ozden Demir customized a t-shirt for DAA. This is her idea behind the design: " I have designed this t-shirt along with my new collection in which i used toy mice/rats.  The reason I chose mice is because i see mice a bit like human beings. Many in number and similar in their relations. They can look beautiful but can also be cruel and ugly. My three mice are just a small group symbolizing how people deal with situations they are not familiar with. My white mouse has HIV and grey ones are not holding his hand which focuses on an issue; the  big misconception about how people thought aids could spread through just touching when it first emerged. This behaviour also shows how people can be cruel and selfish when they don't know how to cope with such situations. I wanted to emphasize the feeling of isolation, alienation and loneliness that a person can feel when facing such an illness all by themselves and I want people think about how difficult it should be for a person to fight all by themselves. These cute toys are also chosen to make people smile even when dealing with, facing or fighting against such a serious illness of our times."


Thank you Ozden!


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