All I Want For My 65th Birthday Is...
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 24th of December 2018 02:33:17 PM

Ninette, the founder and creative director of Designers against AIDS, celebrates her 65th birthday next month and she thought up something special to celebrate that day:
"I have everything I need, so instead of presents for my 65th birthday on January 22nd I would like to invite my friends to donate to the cause closest to my heart: Designers against AIDS. As many of my friends know, my health wasn't very good the last 10 months, so I couldn't work as many hours as usual. I'm still healing and thankfully there are some cool projects ahead, but for now I urgently need extra funding to be able to continue our ongoing projects. NOT ready to give up my baby quite yet! I will use the money for our project in Indonesia, called 'Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero'.

Thank you for your support- and sharing my fundraiser on Facebook is also very welcome of course.
* The beautiful woman on the photo wearing the End It T-shirt we had made by Logo Jeans especially for Indonesia, is Indonesian top model and DAA Ambassador Kelly Tandiono together with our social media managers for Asia against AIDS, Dita and Dila Amalia.
You can check out, donate and/or share Ninette's fundraiser here:

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