And The Winner Is…
Author: Ninette Murk
Saturday 3rd of February 2018 05:58:59 PM

… Mikaela Correa From Spain!

During the month of January, Designers against AIDS and Pensamentos Tokio Hotel (a TH fanclub based in Brasil) held a contest on social media with the aim to find more followers for Designers against AIDS and the fanclub. The winner will get to spend 100 euros in DAA’s Designers for Charity Online Store ( and a vintage poster from the collaboration that DAA did with Tokio Hotel in 2008 for Fashion against AIDS that was sold worldwide at H&M. Below you find a short interview with the happy winner, Tokio Hotel fan Mikaela Correa from Spain.

Why did you take part of this contest?

Mikaela Correa: I take part in this contest because I love Tokio hotel obviously but, a lot of time ago, I see the collaboration in 2008, and I thought it was so cool and amazing! How my favourite band collaborates for a good cause. And when I see the contest, I did not doubt to participate it.

What do you like about Tokio Hotel and Designers against AIDS?

MK: About Tokio Hotel I love everything. Its music, its own style, how they treat their fans. It's amazing how I love them. About Designers against AIDS, it's cool how a brand can design clothes to gather money to people with AIDS and for HIV prevention. I'm happy there are organizations like this.

What do you think about safe sex and HIV/AIDS?

MK: It's sad how people can have this disease, whether they are young or older, having a long life to live. But Designers against AIDS and celebrities make this more easy and beautiful and will hopefully prevent some infections from happening.

What do you want to buy on their charity online store?

MK: I really love t-shirts, so I want to buy some T-shirts like the Levi's x DAA and the LGTB rainbow or the DAA festival tee, it's so beautiful!

Thank you Mikaela and congratulations!

We also want to thank all Tokio Hotel fans for taking part- and Bill Kaulitz for sharing the contest info on Tokio Hotel’s Twitter! You guys and gals all rock.

And last but not least…we have more in store for you in the near future, so keep coming back for news and updates!

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