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Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 29th of March 2015 07:43:28 PM

Taking The Mickey Out Of Madmaus

Designer Christopher Lee Sauvé loves pop culture, has a sharp eye and a good sense of humor and creates the best T-shirts around since 2008, when he designed his now infamous ‘Save Anna’ T-shirt that became a hit among fashionistas worldwide.

Sauvé’s T-shirts give a running commentary about what’s right and wrong in the world of celebrities and lifestyle: “My shirts have commentary and some kind of statement along with an image that’s very easy to comprehend,” he says. “I think that comes from loving Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and punk culture. It’s immediate, it’s in-your-face and it has something to say.” And we love them.

Recently Christopher Lee Sauvé gave his online store ( a complete overhaul, resulting in so much colourful brilliance that you need sunglasses to see all the wonderful tees on offer, with subjects ranging from Karl Lagerfeld chewing on a hamburger (a favorite of Sauvé fan Miley Cyrus) to a crying Kim Kardashian, a very cool black & white T–shirt with a portrait of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci on the front and ‘Touch Me Tisci’ on the back, Paris Hilton as a Hollywood saint and Joan Rivers (God bless her soul) giving people the finger. And of course there are many variations of Madmaus, including one featuring Madonna, who is something of a recurring theme in his work, as is Vogue.


*** For the relaunch of his online store Mr. Sauvé has a nice surprise in store for his many fans: if you use coupon code DAA at check-out, you will receive free shipping and Christopher will donate 20% of the profits on your order (this goes for ALL merch in the store) to Designers against AIDS! 


Speaking of DAA: by the end of March, Christopher Lee Sauvé will add around 20 pairs of unique Dr. Martens boots that he hand painted himself for his recent NYFW presentation and you’ll be able to get your hands on a pair for only 249 USD- money that also will be donated to DAA.


Nice ànd talented- you don’t meet designers like that every day. Now get shopping!

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