Last Weekend Everybody Could Be Freddie (Mercury) For A Day- And That Includes Our Cat Ziggy!
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 5th of September 2014 09:14:25 PM

September 5 was Freddie Mercury's birthday and each year on (or around) this date, The Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT) organizes fundraising events, where people- and some selected cats like our house cat Ziggy, who's pictured here with a big moustache and an even bigger wink on his face- can dress up like Freddie (even if it's just with a clip on moustache), get sponsored by family & friends and send the money they raise to the MPT. The Foundation uses this money to fund HIV prevention projects worldwide and is one of our favorite, fun partners. At DAA we always say that safe sex should be fun and they firmly agree! Join their Facebook group to learn more: and have a brilliant weekend everybody!

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