Nepco For Eastpak Artist Studio 2013
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 26th of November 2013 11:00:09 AM

Nepco is a collective of designers, dancers and musicians based in Amsterdam. They describe themselves as a company of the uncertainty and a cloud of emotion, art, music and theater.
The concept of their creation for Eastpak Artist Studio is related to their amazing motto: "keep playing for human progress" - check the video. The spread of knowledge about HIV/AIDS is something that will help in the halt of the epidemic and they are taking action using humor. This is one of the most effective strategies when you deal with such a complex issue and, here at DAA, we do the same!

"Having sex and thinking are not a good combination. Any campaign which points out the dangers of venereal diseases is meaningful. Even if it is a little voice in your head who tells you during the intercourse that's it's very bad to have unsafe sex. Afterwards, you are very happy if you have listen to that voice!"

Good work guys, you're awesome.


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