Olcay Gulsen’s SuperTrash Wants to Stop AIDS Now
Author: M. G.
Thursday 6th of June 2013 03:52:10 PM

The Dutch fashion brand SuperTrash started a new campaign last week called "Staring Is Caring", a collaboration with the Dutch organization "Stop AIDS Now" to raise funds for Ethiopian women affected by HIV. From the 30th of May it is possible to buy - online and in the ST shops - the new sexy sweat-skirts designed for this special project and the totally amount will be donated to charities.



Brand's owner Olcay Gulsen together with Tess Milne - Dutch television presenter- and Anna Nooshin - founder of NSMBL Magazine - are the testimonials of the campaign. Gulsen invited two powerful and beautiful businesswomen in order to build up a super sexy campaign. Check out the spot. Plus, on staringiscaring.nl you can have a slow and detailed view of the three testimonials wearing JUST the skirt and high heels. Olcay's smart strategy to have more visibility on social media was that if you want to have a complete overview of the models you have to share on Facebook or Twitter the page of the website. Finally you can also download the IPhone app "Skirt Alert" to know when the weather is right for Skirts. God, girls, you know your moves! 

I really hope this project can be successful and help Stop AIDS Now! to make the difference in Ethiopia.
Good luck!










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