Proudly Presenting: The 5 Winners Of Our Tokio Hotel Competition
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 15th of March 2013 11:19:44 AM

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here and today we proudly announce the 5 winners of a ‘Rock Hard F**K Safe’ poster by Tokio Hotel, that was part of our second Fashion against AIDS campaigns with H&M.

Many Tokio Hotel fans applied and you all gave a very good reason why you deserve a poster, but we only have five of them, so we had to choose five winners!

Can you please send your name and address to and we’ll send you your poster (and a small surprise from DAA) asap.

Coming up soon is another competition, where TH fans can win one of our books ‘Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!’ so please come back here often so you don’t miss it!

Have a great weekend Aliens and thank you for your support!








From the Designers against AIDS website


Gianella Gutierrez from Peru:

“Hi!, I´m Gianella and I´m from Peru. I really want this poster because well I love Tokio Hotel and have one of these will be amazing. I´m an alien of heart and I love them . When they made participate in this project I was very proud to be an alien. Thanks you guys :D Kisses from Peru to Designer against staids and to TOKIO HOTEL! Yeah”


Carla Procida from Italy:

“Ok, so I’m supposed to say why I want one of these posters… I’m not saying something like ‘I need it’, I just think no one literally NEEDS a poster to live, otherwise I’d be dead I guess. So I’m now explaining why I really want one. I’ve been a fan of Tokio Hotel since 2007. When they took part to your campaign back in 2009, I was delighted to know that my beloved ones where involved in such an important project, plus I really loved the t-shirt they designed for it ! So I really really wanted that t-shirt, but the nearest H&M shop was about 2 hours far from my house, and so I obviously had to ask my parents a ride by car. They were convinced to, but until we were able to take the car and go, meanwhile 2-3 weeks had already passed since the tees had been out in shops. When I finally arrived there, I was so excited ! The huge TH pic was there, as background to the shop, and I was sure to find it but… when I asked, they told me they had already sold all of them… so I came back home sad and disappointed. Then, I got to know about this book with the amazing TH poster in it. I soon went to the most famous and biggest bookshop in my town, but they hadn’t got it, told me it wasn’t there and never will it be, ‘coz they have not heard about it. And so this hope, to find the book and the poster, especially, blew away… Despite 4 years have now passed from the project with TH and the publication of the book, I admit I still look for it in bookshops, even the most little, especially abroad… so that’s, basically, why I really, absolutely desire this awesome poster of the 4 boys who have been my idols since I was 13. I hope you understand… Anyway thanks for the opportunity (: kisses, Carla (:”



Via email to


Mary Martins from Brazil:

“To be honest,i want to win this poster because every little thing that envolves tokio hotel,makes me so happy and excited!

i already won some things of tokio hotel on internet,so i always cried for this. but it's no because is a material thing,but is so much important for me,tokio hotel had big part of my life.

I had panic attacks and I had plenty of help in relation to them. they help me psychologically, and of course, first of all who helped me was God.

they are important to me and helped me in this battle, so much I was afraid to do, and I started thinking that they are a help to guide me.

much today I'm facing with the help of god, tokio hotel and help me psychologically, they won many things in life and this motivated me to win too. and pass the obstacles, and never give up.

and I try to improve myself as a person, also because of them. they helped me and still help me a lot, even without knowing of my existence.

the times are against me for being a fan of them but I do not care, because they were there when I needed and I do not care what they say about them. then, winning this poster is important to me because everything involving the band, makes me happy and I cry. the amount is not material, but by what means. know that what I wrote was good enough to win something in relation to them, which are important to me.

then, just wish me good luck, and please tell me if you received my email. xoxo alien :)”


Marta Durajczyk from Poland:

“I want tell, that I am an Alien since 2005, when I saw for the  1st time “Durch den Monsun”. My mom has been  in hospital this time. I was alone with younger brothers. And I was 15. when for the 1st time I heard "DDM" I felt that I am not alone!! 4 guys from Magdeburg gave me a power!! I’ve became stronger person & after that I had to fought  with another people who hates TH, especially in my school. It was terrible, but I didn't give up! Now I am 22! Now everyone knows that I love TOKIO HOTEL & nobody tries tell something wrong about TH or Bill when I am near!! I won for Bill and thanks to would be nice if I had something special, something what will be reminding me of my own FIGHT in every moment in my future! Something that will be reminding of Bill's fight & that I was not alone person who had to fight in my life.”


Eden from Malaysia:

“Why I deserve a TH+DAA poster?

I can't say why I "deserve" it, or why I "want" it or "need" it.

But I can tell you that it would be very, very lovely indeed to be able to receive one of those posters & hang it proudly up on my wall with a flourish, because I finally know that Designers With AIDS, the organization both my favorite band and myself have supported for a long time?

Finally DAA has "infiltrated" Malaysia, & the poster up on my wall will be a constant reminder of our hard work & cooperation together, in the past & in the future. (:”

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