Release Your Inner Geek And Support DAA
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 9th of July 2013 06:01:59 PM

Do you guys remember German blogger Sheri Pavlovic from 'Confessions Of A Refashionista' and the Mensch T’s? If not, first things first: she is a general DAA-lover!




In November she launched her first book ‘Life on the Zig Zag’ of which she donated 1 euro per book sold to DAA (for more information about the book or where to buy it, check here.) Well, it turns out that was just the first step: she recently started a new project called ‘Release Your Inner Geek’ in which she explains that she has always been one (even before it was cool...) and that she now wants to share it with the world . For everyone out there who feels the same way, she designed 3 new T-shirts with the slogans ‘Sewing Geek’ , ‘Knitting Nerd’ and ‘Crochet Dweeb’ -Trust, me , you'll fall in love with them from the second you lay your eyes on them!  To fund this new campaign, she is asking for your help - and well, if we're honest we're asking for it too, since the lovely Sheri has again decided to donate a part of her profits to Designers Against Aids, 10% to be exact!  Isn’t that awesome? So dear DAA-lovers, why don’t you check out her Indiegogo campaign here  and if possible, donate to this cool and geeky project and in doing this, to us - I don't have to tell you about how cool we are, do I? It's pretty clear!

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