Safe Is Chic With The Leather Condom Case Designed By Véronique Branquinho For Delvaux
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Saturday 2nd of August 2014 05:14:42 AM

 Where do you keep you package of condoms? In your wallet? It's time to be more stylish! And with this chic condom case created by Belgian fashion designer Véronique Branquinho you can't go wrong! The hand made leather condom are manufactured by Belgian leather luxury company Delvaux, which used their famous artisan techniques and first class leathers.







Each pouch has the name 'Delvaux' stamped in the leather and comes with a certificate, its own Delvaux dustbag and of course - a condom. Which colour will fit better with you: red, beige or light brown? You can be sure that with any of them you will be very special, because just a few of this hand made pouches have been made.

And what's more - 100% of the proceeds of the 50 euro sales price will benefit our education center. Now it's even more chic to be safe!





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