Teens In Texas Take HIV Epidemic Into Their Own Hands
Author: Aline Elsermans
Monday 4th of May 2015 04:22:56 PM

When news arrived that the number of new HIV infections in Austin and surrounding Scott County jumped to more than 140, the worst outbreak in Indiana’s history, rumors spread swiftly through the halls of Austin High School. Students didn’t know enough about HIV and some even thought that HIV spreads best on toilet seats and water fountains.

That’s the reason why students took matters into their own hands and started educating younger kids about how HIV can and can’t be spread. Support groups and projects were organized and there was explaination on how people could help raise the awareness in the community.

That’s how Designers Against Aids likes it! GO GO GO youth!

Click on the link to watch the video: http://video.pbs.org/video/2365480258/


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