Where do you stash your condoms? Tell us on Facebook and win a hand crafted 'Love Pouch' by Delvaux!
Author: Ilana Cooper
Thursday 24th of November 2011 03:41:57 PM

Do you stash them behind your bed side table? In your wallet? In the fruit bowl? In the glove box of your car? In the coin jar?

"Where do you stash yours?" is a new DAA initiative to promote the beautifully designed Delvaux X DAA 'Love Pouch' -designed by Véronique Branquinho-  which we think is the one and only place to stash your condom with style.

DAA is asking you to take a photo of your condom stash and post it to our Facebook group Where do you stash yours?

The dirtiest, dingiest and/or most creative condom stasher will receive their very own superstylin' and beautifully crafted leather Delvaux X DAA 'Love Pouch' to show off on February 14, aka Valentine’s Day. The pouches can also be purchased for 30 euros each at Delvaux stores from World AIDS Day December 1, or online from December 7th here http://delvaux-eshop.com/en/home  All sales proceeds benefit Designers against AIDS. People from outside Belgium can also order a Delvaux Love Pouch by sending an email to info@designersagainstaids.com


The reason we’re doing this social media campaign is two-fold: to test our hunch that people put their condoms in secret hiding places like the back of a bedside table drawer or well hidden in someone’s wallet, because it's still a taboo topic and to break down the stigma of condoms being 'dirty' or 'cheap', because something as valuable and potentially life saving as a condom should not be stashed away somewhere, but carried with pride- it deserves an equally valuable 'Love Pouch' to showcase its worth!

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