28th of October 2014
We received 120 condoms today that are just like Cinderella's glass slippers but for penises - They Fit! The UK-based condom company TheyFit were kind enough to send us 20 packs (each pack contains six single condoms) of their tailor-made wares. Their name stems from unique sizing that promises to match the right condom with right penis to minimize awkard situations and maximize safe-sex fulfilment. We opened one and the quality is top-notch. Enjoy our creative condom installation! Paul McCarthy who?   http://www.theyfit.co.uk/    
27th of October 2014
Some women nowadays are getting surgery 'down there' called labiaplasty in their hope to create perfect genitalia, but due to a lack of information about the potential risks of the procedure, this is not as straightforward as it seems. 'The Perfect Vagina', fronted by Lisa Rogers, is a documentary that explores the lives of women who got a labiaplasty for various reasons: motherhood, genetics and menopause. She investigates the myth of the "perfect vagina", to which all women should aspire- even if there are huge amounts of money, pain and effort involved. Where did this "ideal" come from? Why do women believe this kind of thing? These and other questions get answered HERE
24th of October 2014
We don't know what kind of magic this song has, but we just can't stop listening to it in the DAA headquarters! We've spent this entire week singing the song in an infinite loop. I even want to make a choreography, but I haven't convinced the gang yet... By the way, this song made us think that it doesn't matter how long you've been with your partner, always use protection! A couple should be trustworthy but there's always the risk that one of them (or both) could have had an affair and kept that a secret... I don't wish anyone to suffer the same problem as Madonna sings about in 'She's not me', but shit happens...   And besides taking precautions like using a condom so you won't get infected -or infect others-, anyone who's sexually active should be tested for HIV, so you know your status. Have a nice and safe weekend! Photo by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot for MDNA Booklet.  
23rd of October 2014
Pay attention to how a group of American youngsters react to a video of a gay couple proposing to each other. Some of their answers are just remarkable and some others are a bit shocking.   After watching this video, it made me think of what makes kids react one way or another. One of the most obvious reasons is how they were educated by their parents. But then I wonder, could their school environment also cause an impact on this kids’ beliefs?      In any case, I would like to ask you another question. Do you think this new generation of youngsters are more aware and open minded about homosexuality? This video could give us an idea to where we’re headed.
23rd of October 2014
Sasha Grey is an American actress who used to play in porn movies and who has become a mainstream actress since. In this video she joins the 'Creepy Text Theatre' to recreate horny messages of dating apps such as Tinder or Ok Cupid. They turn dirty texts, puns and requests of naked photos into comedy and it's hilarious! The actress is now promoting her new film 'Open Windows' by Nacho Vigalondo. That seems a bit ironic, because in the film she plays the role of a star who's being harassed on the internet by a fan (Elijah Wood). Don't miss this video, you won't stop laughing!
22nd of October 2014
For foreigners, the weather in Belgium can be a bit disturbing. On a same day it rains, the sun comes out, the wind blows... it's really 4 seasons in one day here. Since a few days, the sky seems like a huge gray wall that´s leaking water constantly. To solve this problem, since we can't go outside, we simply cuddle under the blankets and watch a movie together. We're using our free time wisely! We have a lot fun working, but when our working hours end, we continue having more fun. The best thing is when we share and compare our opinions on certain things. Next time we watch a movie I want to propose 'Kids' by Larry Clark. It's a drama that tells the story of a group of teenagers that use drugs and have sex without protection. Then you can really see the consequences of having unsafe sex. I watched this movie when I was a teenager and I must admit it was pretty impressive. This film is a wake-up call to the teens' world. It has explicit dialogues and a semi-documentary aesthetic. Reality can be scary!    
21st of October 2014
  Here it is, the making of the first photo shoot for the DAA Online Charity Store! Angie, the model, is an art student from Taiwan. She knows how to be at ease in front of the camera and totally owns the space she stands in! Behind the camera is our volunteer Maria Tasula who shot such beautiful images... this girl just radiates artistic talent! It was a pleasure to see how they worked! As you can see in our online charity store, we have a lot of great clothes and accessories for women and men, from Dolce & Gabbana to Dries Van Noten, from Rick Owens to Balenciaga and many more. If you buy something you will be supporting our work, as 100% of all sales will be used for running the education center and the various projects of DAA.    
21st of October 2014
Let me tell you about this great initiative that I read about recently. In Tanzania, women contract HIV/AIDS more than men, twenty thousand new infections occur among young people in the age group ranging from 15 to 24, two-thirds of these are girls and less than 50% of the boys are aware of the virus.   The project "Mabinti Tushike Hatimu", currently underway in four districts of the regions where there is the highest rate of HIV cases in Tanzania (Iringa, Mbeya and Dar es Salaam), groups of girls in 27 villages are being taken care of by the NGO Restless Development. And they do it in a fresh and modern way, using technology like apps, internet, tv, podcasts... Click here to discover more (www.mabinti.org), I like it a lot, a bit like our work here.
20th of October 2014
“He’s the butcher, he has AIDS.  She’s the teacher, she has AIDS. He’s the doctor, he has AIDS”.   The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical made by the creators of the cartoon comedy South Park. It tells the story of two mormon missionaries that are sent to Uganda. After arriving to african lands they will realize Uganda is nothing like Lion King, but instead, it’s full of war, famine, poverty and AIDS.    One of the characters says that a member of the tribe got caught raping a baby. Why? Because some people there believe that raping a virgin will cure their AIDS.   The Book of Mormon is not just making fun of a religion, but it’s also trying to bring attention to what’s going on in the poor parts of Africa. It’s indeed a musical, but somehow it’s not one hundred percent fiction. There’s some reality to it. For instance, in one of the songs they say: “An 80% of us have AIDS”. And even though that’s not completely true, approximately 70% of Sub-Saharan people live with the HIV virus. It’s important to know that a person has AIDS once their HIV virus has destroyed a certain number of immune cells.   Moreover, this Broadway musical doesn’t only denounce the alarming amount of people with AIDS in Africa, but it also criticizes the non-acceptance of homosexuality. One of the two mormons would sing: “Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, and find the one that’s gay and crush it”.   As a Designers Against AIDS collaborator, I feel like this Broadway musical reflects our concern for the fight against HIV, and if you aren’t a mormon and want lo laugh a bit, check this musical out.     I hope you had a great weekend AIDS fighters!
17th of October 2014
We spent this week in the DAA headquarters looking for ideas to make new promos and videos; we had funny moments and some hick-ups along the way, but we are enjoying the work a lot. Today we are so excited because it's Friday and we are planning to travel around Belgium this weekend. Some of us are thinking about starting to use dating apps, as we talk about in a previous post in this blog. Maybe in the near future you can see post based on a real app dating experience here! If I had to choose, I would prefer an app that would put me in contact with someone based on our Facebook interests, because I have selected all my favorite movies, books and bands on my profile and I would expect to have the same concerns and a lot to talk about with this person. If you are using some of these apps, I encourage you to tell us about your experiences on our DAA Facebook page. Have a nice and safe sex weekend and see you on Monday!   Photo by Maria Tasula.
16th of October 2014
Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that you can use in the dating game, the challenge is to find the one that suits you best. There are even new apps designed for users who don't want to mask their sexual desires under the excuse of ‘dating'- they cut right down to the chase. We compiled a list of the most popular applications to find free love but remember: if you have a date, always carry and use protection. Welcome to the new era of virtual flirting!   Tinder. Just import a photo from your Facebook profile and wait for someone to 'like' you. If you're interested, hit 'like' too and start chatting. If you like each other, make an appointment. Grindr. The gay -and predecessor- version of the Tinder application. You can find out other people's locations, share photos and chat with people who are interested in you.   OkCupid. It's a simple app that lets you browse through different profiles, chat with other users to see if you feel connected with the other person and to make appointments.   POF (Plenty Of Fish): First of all you have to complete a registration form which takes time, it's a personality test with questions about your age, your personal interests... The application connects people with similar interests and has more than 50 million people users.   Social Flirt. After filling in a compatibility test, this app allows you to find people that you may like and that are living relatively close to you. Registration requests much data, it will take some time but the more you offer, the more chances of success you will get.   Meetic. You can meet singles, people with similar interests and browse in invisible mode to view other people's profiles without letting people know. It offers options such as geo-location, chat and find people near your location, plus you get to know in real time if anyone is interested in you.   Badoo. With this app you can see the people that go to the same stores as you do, as well as pubs, restaurants, etc. You can find people that have similar interests as you to get a successful date.   MiuMeet. The system is easy. You only have to import photos from Facebook and the app has a filter to refine the interests between you and the other person, for a date without a failure -in theory at least. StreetMatching. If you see someone in the street that you like and this person has the application, this app allows you to geographically locate this person. With one click, the application detects the location and time that the meeting has happened, so that the user only needs to accept data and your love at first sight will be registered to facilitate a next meeting.   eHarmony. This is considered one of the most discrete apps. After filling in a questionnaire registration, this app joins people based on their interests, preferences and even their beliefs. Qrushr. An app exclusively for women who want to meet other ladies. This app has chat, a news section and you can see the profiles of girls that are around your area.   Brenda (the lesbian version) and Bender (the gay version) are only for people over 18 years. These apps offer the opportunity to meet members near to your area, you can see the public profiles organized according to the distance, send messages and share pictures and location.   Ashley Madison. This app is created to facilitate the possibility to commit an infidelity for married people or people in a relationship. It is designed for mobile phones to avoid being caught by your partner. Love Park. One of the simplest. You don't have to register by email, only download the app and start the virtual 'flirting'. Breakupnotifier. This Facebook application analyzes the state of profiles of those people who you like and when it detects a change in their relationship status, it warns by email if the girl or guy you like has become single or divorced again. Meet Me. This app connects you with people who are around your area. On the street, in a park, in a bar ... It has a chat where people are commenting on what they are doing at that moment. It also includes a section to find out who of them are interested in you and a section of questions and answers to break the ice easily.   Twine. This app connects to your Facebook account to know your interests and find people around your area and with similar interests to yours. You will not see the face of the other person until he or she decides they like you too and want to learn more.   If you don't want to have tedious and endless conversations and you are looking for something more direct, then you need Mixxxer, an app that indicates if there's someone near you looking to have a good time, send and share explicit photos -but don't worry: there's an option to pixelate your private parts. Mixxxer is intended for heterosexuals, bisexuals and couples, but if you are looking for a threesome, there is another app that is dedicated exclusively to that: 3nder. This app shows potential bedfellows by physical proximity and allows singles or couples to search to their heart's content.  
14th of October 2014
As you might have noticed, Eastpak Artist Studio is supporting Designers Against Aids – and has been doing so for the last 3 years. Yesterday Carlo Tinelli, responsible for the digital marketing at Eastpak and born in Italy, came over to DAA headquarters to spend a day with us. Carlo gave us a workshop where he taught a lot about how to work better and more efficiently with our social media platform. We got a lot of tips on how to make our website more attractive and how to reach out to more people. It has been an interesting day and such a nice master class from Carlo!  We are glad to work with such amazing and creative people in the fight against AIDS! We hope that you enjoy and follow the Eastpak Artist Studio campaign as it unfolds - we are excited to present all the bags from great designers such as Christopher Shannon, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christopher Lee Sauvé, Walter Van Beirendonck and many more. Click on the Eastpak Artist Studio banner on the homepage of this website to find out more.
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