Bali HIV Prevention Workshop Day 2: Getting Creative In The Garden
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013 09:53:04 AM

Today was the second day of our new international HIV prevention workshop and we got tons of work done: Ayu Ratna and Nyoman Cakra translated every text for our new 'Bali against AIDS' website from English into Bahasa Indonesian and we discussed which new categories we should add to the website while it's still in back office. 'Real life stories' is our favorite so far, but let's see what these two come up with in the next few days! Both youngsters graduated in Public Health from university in Denpasar last year and they've been volunteering for 'International Planned Parenthood' since they were 17- talk about dedication! My challenge is to trigger their creativity- they think they don't have it and I'm sure they do, if only they let it come out. We've seen this with around 90% of our IHAEC students in Antwerp so far and I hope it will happen for Ratna and Cakra as well. Today they had to make an interesting picture of Cakra for his first IHAEC blog entry, so I styled him in our by now infamous 'f*cking dinosaurs' T-shirt, designed by Bernhard Willhelm for DAA and chased them around the garden for a little while. Fun was had by all and that's the main thing: have fun while you work and it won't feel like work for a second!

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