Full steam ahead for the renovation of DAA's Education Center!
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 14th of January 2010 03:32:33 PM

Full steam ahead for Phase 2 of the renovations of the building that will house our education center and our DAA HQ: this month the entire back of the building will be demolished, as experts have discovered that it was built next to the main building, but wasn't anchored to its walls- scary! While this means a lot of extra expenses and a loss of time, we're more than happy to know that the end result will be technically sound- and amazingly beautiful and well designed, thanks to our friends at B-Bis, the new division of B-Architects (Google them, they'r doing amazing work). But we have to admit, at the moment you need a lot of imagination to see the finished DAA Center in all its glory. Thankfully, we never had a lack of imagination here;-)







And last but definitely least.... the end result!


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