I Am Going To... Leuven!
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 13th of February 2013 01:24:09 PM

I just would like to say goodbye as I am going to take my first trip in Belgium. Today I leave for Leuven, just for four days, don't worry. I am going to participate to the "On Arrival Training" for my EVS project. I am not sure if everyone knows what I'm talking about, but, some months ago my colleague Niki has already written a blog entry about it when she came back from it (click to read). I made some new friends here in Belgium already since I arrived exactly one month ago and this week some of them invited me to a couple of parties here in Antwerp. I had to say no and I am a bit sorry for that! But it's also true that in the next coupleof days I will meet a lot of other people from all over Europe and I will make more friends for sure. So I don't have many regrets. See you again on Monday!

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