LGBT Rights In India
Author: Marie De Vroey
Tuesday 4th of March 2014 06:30:00 PM
Yesterday we were asked to do research about HIV/AIDS in India, having learned that India has an estimated number of 2.08 million people living with HIV mainly due to sex workers and brothels. I also came across a recently reinstated law that criminalizes gay sex.
On January 28, 2014 India’s Supreme Court reinstated a law that had passed 4 years ago, banning “carnal acts against the order of nature”. LGBT people now face dangers of being imprisoned for life because of their gender orientation.
Some people feel that this law prevents cases of child sexual abuse and ‘unnatural offenses’. However, gay right activist are now standing up in opposition, asking the Supreme Court to review this law.
The government is ignoring human rights, to decrease immoral activities. This is a shame because 5% of HIV prevalence comes from men having sex with men and this law now prevents us from raising awareness about this disease among this group. I also feel that choosing who you love -and therefore their gender- is a basic human right.
I hope that in the near future this law changes again, in order to become one step closer to having LGBT rights worldwide.
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