Magic Johnson's Tips For Good Parenting
Author: M. G.
Monday 15th of April 2013 02:40:47 PM

Ervin "E.J." Johnson III, the son of the legendary L.A. Lakers playmaker and anti-HIV activist Ervin "Magic" Johnson Jr., came out publically as gay a few weeks ago. Not a big deal, if you want to read some gossip pages - if you really need it - Google can help you. By the way, Magic Johnson has recently published a video on Youtube about "the talk" he had with his son the first time they had a conversation about being gay. According to the video, when E.J. was approximately14 years old, Magic directly asked his son whether or not he was gay - can you imagine Magic Johnson asking you "Are you gay?". When E.J. said "Yes" Magic's simply replied that sexuality would have never changed the love for his son and the support from the family. Secondly, Magic talked about prevention "protect yourself, protect your partner...". Johnson's family is used to dealing with prejudice and stigmatization for sure, since Magic came out as HIV+ in 1991 and in that period the public opinion on HIV matters was way different from today. We have to thank public figures like Magic Johnson for their efforts in normalizing the image of HIV+ people and spreading the message of prevention. For all these reasons, it's clear that this is not the typical coming-out-scenario tat average gays experience - we are talking about Magic Johnson's son here, come on! On the other side, this is not a reason to say that it shouldn't be an example for everyone. If we consider the common opinions, having a gay son as well as being HIV+ is the typical this-can't-happen-to-me scenario, but as you can see: that's bullshit. When life faces you with the fact that you are wrong, it can be extremely shocking. And probably this is why many people forget that in these moments the two most important things in your life are: love and respect. This didn't happen with the Johnsons, they knew how to behave and their extraordinary story is a lesson for everyone on how to be a good parent.





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