Safe Sex And Same Sex Taboos: Australian Worries
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 17th of December 2013 05:37:11 PM

I've just learnt that Australia is a conservative country. Before today, I probably was under the effect of movies like ‘Priscilla Queen Of The Desert', thinking of Australia as the paradise of gays and a land of progressive people. I was actually wrong and not paying enough attention. In fact, also the movie I just quoted shows what's the difference between living in an Australian metropolis and living in the middle of the Australian desert. You can meet different kinds of people, there are many kinds of Australians and they have different ideas and opinions.

This simple consideration explains some disappointing facts that recently happened in the country. I'm talking about the invalidation of those 27 same sex weddings celebrated in the territories of Canberra after October, when a bill legalising gay marriages passed in the local parliament. The BBC stated that nearly one third of Australians are against same sex weddings and figures like the Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who leads a Liberal-National coalition and an organization like the Australian Christian Lobby are quite a good expression of the conservative part of the population. The Christian Lobby welcomed the invalidation of the gay marriages saying that only straight marriage can benefit society: "... it is about providing a future for the next generation where they can be raised by their biological parents, wherever possible. [...] it is now time to move on".

Another ‘accident' is the ban from all Australian TV channels of an ad by Four Seasons Condoms, showing - ironically - a STRAIGHT couple having sex in a pharmacy and in a supermarket. The ad was considered too explicit, but the video, now showing on YouTube with the title ‘See why our commercial has been banned from television', has already received more than one million of views. Quite a successful campaign, I must say! "To connect with the younger demographic, you need to be irreverent and entertaining and to remove all sexual references in the TV ad defeats the purpose of this entire campaign. The fact is, this is a critical safe sex message", said Graham Porter, Four Seasons Condom's founder and manager. Funny enough, the person who is working for safe sex promotion is using arguments related to the well-being of future societies too.

At the moment authorities like Australia's High Court or Australia's Commercial Advice - who are responsible for the events we are talking about - are not ready to accept the normalization of concepts like gay relationships and safe sex, so what to do?

There is no need to specify which of the two sides I support, it's quite obvious, but I believe that dialogue is the answer: gay organizations and the Christian Lobby will always fight with each other, but their responsibilities are also to ease the co-existence of the different parts of society they represent - it's another matter of social stability! These two examples show the importance of promoting dialogue about sex! It's a taboo subject and it creates problem. Still, sex is vitally important in everyone's life and can't be ignored.

Saying that you're working to improve society is something dangerous to say, you will find many others who are doing the opposite of what you want to do and are saying they have the same goals. It's confusing and it's the same when it comes to economics, politics, religion and so on... To fight the diversity of opinion is a war you're bound to lose.


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