New Friend of DAA: Shanika Warren Markland
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 17th of May 2012 08:21:06 PM

Shanika Warren Markland is a recognized and respected British actress, who has made an impact through her versatile acting skills and distinctive persona, Shanika has been recognized by the mainstream, industry as well as being championed the independent British filmmakers.
With a couple of major actor credits under her belt, Markland received her big break with her first feature film role playing the character Kayla in BAFTA award winning director Noel Clarke's critically acclaimed drama 'Adulthood'. Continuing her work with Clarke, Markland followed her previous work with the co-lead role in blockbuster movie playing the role of feisty and independent Kerrys.
Markland went on to film the role of Ashleigh in British horror 'Demons Never Die', out last year and also took her talents Stateside playing the character Langston in 'The Skinny' which debuted at film festivals on both sides of the Atlantic this spring as well as being released independently in the USA. Following on from her string of feature film roles, Markland appeared in the British thriller flick 'Victim' in which she played Charmaine, set to be released in early June 2012.
Markland's skills extend further into her passion for theatre. Throughout her career Markland has worked extensively with the leading Black British theatre company, Talawa Theatre company, touring the UK and South Africa with the show 'Krunch', which she co-wrote.
After spending some time in the States Markland is currently focusing her time on building on her growing presence in the British film industry through a variety of acting roles as well as working on projects in the States and beginning to write and produce her own material for the big screen.  
Shanika is represented by our partners Above & Beyond Consulting and Brand Imaging (@aabonline)

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