Ti & Hann
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 6th of September 2007 05:51:18 PM

Dear sir/ madam,


nice to meet you too, we would like to present you ‘Ti + Hann, yours sincerely’.

Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans & Hanne De Wyngaert met 7 years ago at the Royal Academia of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

A long time ago, after graduation, Ti had to go to a funeral on her birthday.

She forgot to tell Hann, who had already bought her a birthday cake.

While Ti found herself amidst the grieving, Hann was on her way to Ti’s house with a big whipped cream cake.

She fell down the stairs and broke her arm. The cake didn’t make it.

Ti doesn’t like whipped cream and Hann now has a metal pin in her arm.

After the cake-incident they dicided to work together.

Now they proudly present you their collections.

Hope you enjoy it,


Yours sincerely,

Ti + Hann

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