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Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 26th of February 2014 03:41:00 PM

Good news for supporters of DAA:if you didn't manage to order your copy of our book 'Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!' before, now is the moment. And best of all: ALL proceeds of the sales will be used for upcoming workshops with international students!

With a never before published photo of Marilyn Monroe and over 100 pictures that show pure beauty in all its forms by artists as varied as former top model Veruschka, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Ali Mahdavi, Olaf Breuning, Daniel Jackson, Michel Comte, Yoko Ono, Marc Atlan, Moby, Dita Von Teese, Marc Jacobs, Oliviero Toscani, Katy Perry, Erwin Olaf and many, many more, the book 'Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!' resolutely draws the card of optimism, joy, a celebration of beauty and lust for life when it comes to HIV prevention work. Scare tactics just aren't effective anymore and who wouldn't rather be seduced by beauty than by suffering?


The book had almost sold out, so we were very happy when we heard that we can offer 100 more copies to supporters of our work, benefitting our new education center! And what's more, we give a price reduction of 10 (!) euros on each and every copy now! The book comes with a poster of German band Tokio Hotel (they and their enthusiastic fans have supported DAA from the startand they still keep doing so).



Twelve years ago the first HIV/AIDS project of Designers against AIDS' founder and director Ninette Murk was born and since then it's been one crazy ride: starting small, but with big plans and a truckload of positivity, DAA started working on its mission to spread the safe sex message among youth worldwide. Looking back on this first decade of the organisation you'll see it's a history of passion and beauty, fun and positivity. In 2008 we started our worldwide collaboration with H&M for 'Fashion against AIDS' that ran for 5 years and raised 13 million euros for 4 different HIV/AIDS organizations and from then on everything went so fast that it's like a dream that came true. So many nice flashbacks of campaigns, people, places... The book highlights the most inspiring moments and also shows pictures of over 120 great artists who have supported us over the years and who gave us photos that to them represent pure beauty. Because if you realize that life is worth living, you will be careful not to mess it up.

On WAD December 1  2010 we took DAA to the next level, when we opened our first International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp, Belgium.  A place where students from all over the world come and learn how to set up successful HIV prevention and awareness programs, implementing the same pop culture based methods as used by DAA. This means that the DAA family is becoming bigger fast (we've trained over 60 students so far) and that we will be able to reach out to even more people- how cool is that? Part of the sales proceeds of the book will help finance the running of our center, so your purchase is very welcome and needed.



How to order the book online:

You can order the book directly from Designers against AIDS. For this, send 20 euros (instead of 29,95 €) plus the shipping costs for your part of the world (see below to calculate your total) to our PayPal account. Simply go to www.paypal.com, then click the 'Send Money' tab, put 'info@designersagainstaids.com' as the email address, add the total amount (20 euros per book plus shipping costs) and the name and address where we should send the book(s).

Shipping costs

Belgium: 7€ (1 or 2 books); 12 € (3-5 books)
Europe: 17€ (1 or 2 books);  27€ (3-5 books)
Rest of the world:  22 € (1 or 2 books);  44€ (3-5 books)
Please contact us for shipping expenses for larger orders.



About the book:

The initiative Designers against AIDS (DAA) began ten years ago. Since then it has manifested itself with fashion campaigns such as Fashion against AIDS, in which it collaborated with several fashion houses, the best photographers and designers and stars from the rock and pop culture, who all lent themselves for the good cause  – making people aware about HIV/AIDS in a positive way and removing the stigma of being seropositive by the creation of beauty. This book is a celebration of pure beauty, idealism and a lust for life.

Ten years later there is still a lot of work to be done. The founder of DAA and of the mother organisation Beauty without Irony, Ninette Murk, was asked whether she would like to turn the direct message of more beauty in the world, of a positive attitude and of tolerance into a book. That book is now out: Designers against AIDS: The First Decade.

The book looks back on past initiatives and campaigns, covering all the highlights and the most beautiful images. Peter Piot, former chairman of UNAIDS, the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton and Ninette Murk herself wrote the texts.  The cover photo is by Erwin Olaf while a FAA campaign poster featuring German band Tokio Hotel will be inserted in every book.

It is a book to look forward to,  that looks back on the past and forwards to the future. Part of the revenue from sales will go to the DAA Education Center.

Publication date: 29/10/2010
Softcover / English / 25 x 35 cm / 190 pp. / 29,90 euro / ISBN 978-90-5544-841-8
Design / Concept by BaseDesign























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