… Mikaela Correa From Spain!

During the month of January, Designers against AIDS and Pensamentos Tokio Hotel (a TH fanclub based in Brasil) held a contest on social media with the aim to find more followers for Designers against AIDS and the fanclub.more
What Would You Do If Today Were Your Last Day?
For me, there are loads of things I want to do in life, but one thing that I always ask myself is:“What have you done to make the world a better place today?” I know it sounds grandiose and difficult, but why don’t give you it a try too? And I realized that I didn’t want to wait forever to get started if I could do it now, because the sooner the better.more
Starting today until May 20 midday GMT, British band Franz Ferdinand is auctioning off an iconic leather jacket (worn in a video clip) and a pair of studded Miu Miu shoes to benefit DAA live on fashion platform Hardly Ever Worn It and they also recorded a video where they ask their fans to support us!more
As the Tokio Hotel Official Philippine Fan Club have been around since 2007 and were actually the first fan club in Asia Pacific to be declared as official -even before the Humanoid album was released- we have been known to organize elaborate parties and events to keep the fan base alive and interested in the band, despite the long hiatus.more
Do you remember the Tokio Hotel contest we organized recently? Here you can see proud winner Carla Procida -wearing her Tokio Hotel for Fashion Against Aids T-shirt.more
Good news for supporters of DAA:if you didn't manage to order your copy of our book 'Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!more
Valentine's Day is coming up fast, we're sure your FB feed, Twitter etc are filling up with luvvy-duvvy pictures and singles crying out for chocolate, ice cream and love, love, for God sake, LOVE!more
Remember this one? Thought I’d remind you of the Tokio Hotel mosaic as a tribute to Throwback Thursdays. The idea was that all Tokio Hotel fans send in a picture of them wearing the 'Rock Hard F**K Safe' T-shirt designed by Tokio Hotel for Fashion Against Aids (our awesome collab with H&M) for a chance to win a 100€ voucher to use while shopping at H&M.more
... Carla Procida from Italy! We will send you a copy of our book 'Designers against AIDS: The First Decade!more
Do you still have a 'Rock Hard F*ck Safe T-shirt? If so, please read on and take part in our new photo contest that ends on January 15!more
Today we’ve launched our new Facebook page for our project DAA & JBC. As you know, we have worked with many fashion brands such as H&M or Marc Jacobs in the past.more
Sunday we were watching the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam and we got all excited when we saw that Tokio Hotel was nominated for 'Biggest Fans', but because their last record and gigs already happened a few years ago, we didn't have very high hopes for them to win the award this time.more
We love to follow up on the lives of all the celebrities that have worked on any of our projects and see what’s going on with their busy lives.

This time, I decided to check on Katy Perry after listening to her 2010 single “California Gurls” last weekend.more
This Saturday Ayke and I went to ikVRIJWILLIG, a volunteering event at Kinepolis in Antwerp, the second largest cinema complex in terms of capacity seating in the world by the way.more

Binnenkort is het weer zo ver: van 17 tot en met 24 december slaat Music for Life van Studio Brussel zijn tenten (of liever gezegd, zijn Glazen Huis) op, dit keer in De Schorre in Boom, waar bijvoorbeeld ook Tomorrowland en Mano Mundo gehouden worden.
Tijdens de ‘Warmste Week’ organiseren talloze verenigingen, bedrijven, scholen, caféclubs en privépersonen een actie voor het goede doel – en dit keer is Designers against AIDS er daar één van!more
September 1 was an important day for Aliens (the name for Tokio Hotel fans) all around the world, as twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz of popular band Tokio Hotel turned 24 years old.more
Remember our Tokio Hotel contest? It seems like we made 5 Tokio Hotel-lovers very happy! One of them was Mary, a big fan who lives in Brazil.more

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here and today we proudly announce the 5 winners of a ‘Rock Hard F**K Safe’ poster by Tokio Hotel, that was part of our second Fashion against AIDS campaigns with H&M.more
While we're waiting for the new Tokio Hotel CD and their next tour to start, we decided to clean out some of our cupboards in the office and look what we found:more
We just received the news that our global 'Fashion against AIDS' campaigns/collections with H&M (which was our concept) raised 11.195.228,00 US $ or 8.558.893,00 € over the last 5 years and this fact makes us incredibly happy and proud, also because at the same time we raised a lot of awareness about HIV/AIDS among young people.more
A question to all Tokio Hotel fans, now that the final edition of Fashion against AIDS at H&M worldwide is over (as the fans know, Tokio Hotel took part in the 2nd FAA edition in 2009):more

May 29 would have been the final day of our Tokio Hotel X Safe Sex Slogan Competition, but because the interest was so extremely low, we have had to cancel the contest and we have sent the money back to the three (3) fans who took part during the last 3 months.more
Tokio Hotel and their fans have been supporting Designers against AIDS (DAA) since the spring of 2009 and they have helped us raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among young people worldwide and helped raise funds to start up our International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center in Antwerp, Belgium where we train students in how to make creative safe sex campaigns using pop culture.more
Our shop is open for customers! The first buyer was a lady with beautiful British accent, who would not leave the shop with empty hands.more
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