2 Students, 1 Safe Sex Salesman, Barry White And A Few Frisky Vegetables: Our New Video Is Online!
Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 6th of February 2013 10:32:34 AM

It has cost me blood, sweat and tears but with the empowerment of the amazing Barry White, I can proudly say: our project SOS Frankie is finally online and waiting for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the endproduct as much as we enjoyed the making of it.


When a couple has, although creative, unprotected sex they call upon the one man they can trust in situations like this, SOS Frankie. Frankie educates the couple on safe, protected sex. He also tells them what to do now and what the consequences are when they have unprotected sex. He is, in many ways, a hero of our time. I hope you enjoy it. Elias





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