300.000 People Would ‘Like' a Czech Republic Invasion
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 24th of April 2013 04:45:16 PM

Yesterday I read on The Daily Currant a report about an interview with Sarah Palin - the Republican Party nominee for Vice President in the 2008 presidential elections - on Fox News. According to the article, Sarah Palin called for an invasion of the Czech Republic owing to the original nationality of the two brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.



The article reports also how Palin replied when the two Fox hosts corrected some ‘inaccuracies' in her declaration: "Steve, that's probably one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard. How is Czech Republic not a Muslim country? You saw those brothers, they were Islamic and they were Chechen"

Firstly, Chechnya is a part of Russian Federation that is trying to declare its independence from more than 20 years. Secondly, the article is a satirical fake.

The Daily Currant is a satire website that has already spread several times news that wasn't real. Some examples: "Senator Proposes Ban on Jay-Z Music" "Justin Bieber Compares Himself to Jesus" "Study Finds Racial Supremacists ‘Not Superior'".



I personally believe that this is one of the smartest strategies I have ever seen to test common people's spontaneous reactions towards socially important subjects. The feedback to this call for Czech Republic Invasion was incredible. Hundreds of thousands people liked it on Facebook and, furthermore, Czech government needed to make an official statement to specify that Chechenya and Czech Republic are two different - as well as pretty far from eachother - entities. It is likely that many people within the thousands who liked the article were aware that the news was invented. But we do not know the proportion and geography usually is not one of the favourite subjects for anybody.



We have to suppose that a lot of people still believe that it is right to invade a country as a response for an act of violence. I don't think that they are dangerous people, I am more afraid of administrations that can take advantage of them for own porpose. Politicians should have already understood that war is just pointless - how much more evidences do we need? -, but I know that this is just my opinion, though. My fingers are crossed.




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