30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in memory of AIDS victims
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Tuesday 21st of May 2013 04:53:03 PM

Yesterday, like every year the international AIDS Candlelight Memorial day was held. On this special day we pay extra attention to the AIDS victims by organizing events - such as the dance performances, lighting candles, … - in a lot of different countries.

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is much more than just some events though, it serves as a mobilization campaign that wants to raise social awareness about HIV and AIDS. The memorial is led by  1,200 community organizations in 115 countries and gains support all over the world. Direction of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is based on the Candlelight Advocacy Platform, which  is inspired on current thinking to improve the HIV response and this includes the UNAIDS strategy Getting to Zero:  Zero AIDS related Deaths, Zero new HIV infections and Zero Stigma and discrimination, and the Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention Framework as driven by the movement of people living with HIV. 

This special day is always held on the third Sunday of the month of May – and it is going for 30 years now! - The theme of yesterday’s 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial was “In solidarity”. And It is about time that barriers of stigma and discrimination against those infected with HIV, are broken down by all, right?

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