Belgian HIV patient becomes the dad of a perfectly healthy baby boy
Author: Mirela Cosic
Monday 12th of May 2014 10:32:34 AM

It is possible you know. Leading a normal, healthy and happy life after being diagnosed with HIV. It happened to Kenny Van Quickelberge, a Belgian HIV patient since 2002. When he first got diagnosed, he thought he’d never become a father. But life works in wonderful ways. Twelve years later Kenny became the dad of a little healthy boy, Sehn. You’re probably wondering if the child also has HIV. No, he doesn’t. The baby is perfectly healthy and all of this without any medical interference. We can say that it’s a true miracle.

When Kenny first found out that he was HIV positive, he was devastated. All of his dreams were shattered and the only thing he could think of was that he had to survive. But he actually managed to live a pretty normal life. He lived his life and spread his story. One of the things he did was entering the reality show called ‘Big Brother’. Then he also talked a lot about HIV by giving lectures.

A couple of years back, Kenny met Heidi Driesmans, a single mom. They both had the urge to expand the family and decided to give it a go. The couple didn’t go through the massively expensive clinical procedure called ‘sperm washing’ (this is a procedure where the sperm gets cleansed from HIV). If the contamination has been under control for a while, the chances of transmitting the virus is smaller. This is why the couple chose the natural way of reproduction. For the first time in their relationship they had sex without a condom and they hit the bulls’ eye immediately, Heidi was pregnant. After they found out the good news, Heidi took some tests which proved that she didn’t get infected. This was great news, because there was no chance that the baby would get infected. You know that the only way a baby can get infected is if the mother is HIV positive.


You see that there is still a wonderful life ahead of you even if you are HIV positive. It doesn’t have to stop there. Having children shouldn’t just be a dream or a fantasy if you have HIV. It is truly possible. This is a beautiful story and it made my day. Good luck and a lot of happiness to the new parents and baby Sehn. 

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