Do Not Worry! They Are Just Gay Couples
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 27th of March 2013 02:09:21 PM


Last Sunday, a huge and angry crowd protested in the streets of Paris against Francois Hollande’s plan to legalize gay marriage in France this June. As usual, we have no clue about the number of people that were there since official police estimates put the turnout at around 300,000 while organisers estimated it at 1.4 million. A lot of French people seem to be pretty scared by the possibilities for gay couples to build a family and have children. I don’t want to spend too many words about the fact that probably this is another case of exploitation of a LGBT issue in order to distract from other political matters, so I’ll pretend to believe to Hollande’s real commitment to the cause.

I can’t understand these fears, firstly because I'm sure that these people don’t have a real knowledge of what the LGBT community is about nowadays. Listen to me: a lot of gays and lesbians are not interested at all in getting married. The planet won’t be invaded by families with queer parents and adopted children of a random race. DO NOT WORRY. But same-sex-partners that really desire to engage their lives in building a family with children have the human right to do so, since they are a couple just like  any other; it's just that are not able to procreate in a natural way.

Furthermore I  also don’t share their worries about the psychological and social problems that children could suffer if adopted by same-sex parents. Children are open-minded creatures, they don’t look at the world in the same way an adult does, they don’t even know what the difference is between straight sex and gay sex - and they’d probably find it boring stuff anyway. Children want to understand what the reality is that they are living and they just need to know that if parents really love each other, they also feel the natural desire to build a family and have a child. From the social point of view, if the French demonstrators are afraid that these children can be victim of prejudice and discrimination because of their parents… well, who should they blame? Not gay couples and gay marriages for sure.

French Justice Minister Christine Taubira described this law as a “change of civilization”. This is true because this law would mean that another European government has finally adapted to the real society, that's made of real, normal – gay or straight – people.


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