Dour, Un Plaisir!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 24th of July 2013 05:07:10 PM

I might not have had the money to take a plane and fly to the sun, but Dour was just as good: weather- and funwise! Here’s a little update on how my vacation time was spent.


The way to Dour was long… Especially for my two friends in the backseat who had disappeared into a pile of bags. It’s safe to say, we might have overestimated the size of the car… But of course nothing can bring you down  when you’re in a good mood and the sun is shining. With all the energy we (still) had, we dragged our bags to the camping side and made sure our tents were up in speed tempo.


So we put out our little camping chairs out  and did absolutely nothing during the day time (just as we did nothing the rest of the days) Why? Because this Dour was special, instead of a mud invasion we had 33 degrees. This meant that every move you made came with a cloud of dust and sweat running over your face.  But if you’re with the right company, some camping chairs and a bit of wine can go a long (and fun) way. We talked for hours and hours. The first days about politics and how amazing friendship is, the last days we were laughing hysterically at words like ‘llama’.  I’m finding it quite hard to fit 4 days of adventure into a short blogentry, so how about I just give you a  list of important moments during the festival?


- The music on the camping was never turned of. This meant that I spent my nights sleeping on a vibrating floor and that the rest of this month – or maybe year- I will be stuck in my head with this song since they played it over and over

- I have never seen so many ambulances in such a short time in my life.

- When the first two days were passed and all our drinks were practically boiled, I cannot explain the happiness of going into town with the car, finding a shop and putting your head into the freezers. And it’s even better if afterwards you can consume a nice ice cold beverage in the shadow (still singing along loudly to the song I mentioned before). I have to say, the ‘normal’ crowd, that’s to say: people who weren’t festivalcrowd, did stare at us when we started dancing in the middle of a road.

- I saw some awesome music, people! I had a great party at Pendulum, enjoyed the rocking tunes if Danko Jones and the Smashing Pumpkins and got my hip hop moves out for the Wu Tang Clan.

- What happens when you put an all girl crowd alone after 3 days of little sleep? They start complaining about everything their boyfriend does, followed up by a deep desire for a hug or two.

-  When people are desperate for shadow, they can get insanely creative.

- The best feeling in the world is to jump straight into a pool after five days of no shower and intense heat

- I love my friends to death

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