Eastpak Artist Studio 2012 launch London
Author: Ninette Murk
Wednesday 8th of February 2012 04:49:48 PM

The EASt event was held at a quirky bar in the heart of the funky Shoreditch neighbourhood, so most people attending belonged to London’s top creative minds. The urban crowd was a mix of Eastpak staff, various journalists and a sprinkling of famous faces, including Agnes b, Henri Holland and Agyness Deyn, whose sister Emily (aka NYX) is part of the Copson St collective who customized 3 rucksacks for the project. Andrew Parry and I  (Nina Lamparski) who represented DAA chatted to several of the designers, some of whom could be easily linked to the bag they made thanks to their matching styles (ie. one woman and her bag were covered in metallic studs- Copson St? nm). Some guys like Charlie Bowden weren’t all that familiar with the DAA cause so we gave them a rundown of the organisation’s mission and what the raised money would be used for.

Andrew and I proved to be a formidable tag team as he was able to provide a lot of interesting HIV research facts while I was babbling about the education centre and workshops. We also did a couple of pieces-to-camera, one with Culture Compass contributor Sophie Eggleton whose blog is here http://sophieeggleton.blogspot.com/2012/02/eastpak-artist-studio-launch.html  . The video should be added soon and the whole article will also go up on http://www.culturecompass.co.uk/. The other short grab was for the Eastpak team's in-house video.
In short, it seemed to have been a highly successful launch both for Eastpak and DAA. It's important to drum up interest for the upcoming online sale from March 19 now and I heard the DAA students are on that this very minute!

Nina & Andrew

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