HIV infections keep rising in Bali
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 22nd of August 2011 05:42:31 PM

Today, new shocking (but to DAA, not surprising) figures were released about the situation regaring new HIV infections and people dying from AIDS-related diseases in Bali, one of the most beautiful parts of third world country Indonesia- and counting around 3 million inhabitants from the more than 500 million who live in Indonesia altogether. The actual number of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Bali ranks fifth

nationally after West Java, East Java, Papua and Jakarta. However, when viewed as a percentage of the total population of an area, Bali now ranks

second after Papua. According to, the Bali Health Service counted 12 HIV/AID-related deaths between January and March 2011 from among the 245 new cases reported so far in 2011. A further breakdown on the 245 new cases reported in Bali in Q1 2011 reveals that of the 245 new cases, 117 are suffering from AIDS and 138 are infected with HIV. In total, Bali counts 4,314 HIV/AIDS sufferers, of which 369 have died.

HIV/AIDS first surfaced in 1987, when 3 cases were discovered on the island, including one Dutch national visiting Bali on holiday. By 1999 the total

number of confirmed cases had risen to 59, a number that nearly doubled to 109 just one year later in 2000. The disease continues to gain momentum with 186 cases in 2001, 306 in 2003 -and rising to 880 in 2005. From the 1,253 cases confirmed in 2006, that number has increased by 340% to the current total of 4,314. Something has to be done urgently and in our opinion, that ‘something’ is HIV prevention campaigns, aimed at Bali’s (and Indonesia’s) youth. We want to continue the work that we started in Bali this May and urge others to join us in the fight against AIDS in what many people still see this ‘paradise on earth’.



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