HIV Testing In Churches?
Author: Gladys C.K
Tuesday 3rd of December 2013 04:01:55 PM

To some extent, the church is one of the first supporters of life and having as many children as God wants. Some of the most extremist names in religion also state that condoms are some sort of sin and that using them is wrong because it goes against the will of nature.

Firstly, I'd like to give you my opinion on religion itself. 

I was born in a very religious country and my mother's side of the family has always been quite devoted to church, praying, following every tradition for Easter, baptism, having god parents and so on. When I moved to another country there weren’t any churches of my religion in my area so my mum decided to stick to her belief but adapt to what was available and that's how I ended up going to an evangelical church and singing choruses with other kids on Sundays. That way I learnt that there is no need to label your belief. Although I'm currently not practicing, I don't have a problem with it at all as long as it's individual and it doesn't cause conflict between people. 

Regarding condom use, I disagree that protecting yourself is sinful towards life simply because it doesn't protect you from HIV and STDs. Therefore, I was very glad to find out in the news the other day that the church Living Flames in Walthamstow, an area in my hometown of London, has opened a free HIV test clinic in order to tackle the rate of infection among the African community as part of the Take Action Now campaign by the ActionPlus Foundation, which is trying to get churches more involved with this issue. They hope for training programmes for church leaders and to emulate a similar campaign in Ghana, where they have clinics in churches, schools and even nail bars. The clinic, operated by HIV charity Positive East, had opened to coincide with the HIV testing week which started on the 22th of November, just before the World Aids Day.


This is a wonderful concept that would be great to see happening in other churches around the globe. I'll leave you with the incredibly wise words from the founder of Action Plus, Pentecostal Minister Reverend Fred Annin:
"The Bible doesn't condemn people with HIV as cursed and it shouldn't be taboo to discuss it in churches. It's a medical condition and people need medical help. Prayer cannot bring our health back when we ignore medicine". 



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