'I Don't Like Mondays' for DAA
Author: Ninette Murk
Sunday 22nd of March 2009 08:34:03 PM

I Don't Like Mondays is an online independent fashion boutique, based in New York City. It was founded by Colin Talbot and Dean Rodgers, both with a background in fashion and visual arts, the company began as an idea to create and sell handmade graphic T-shirts. They were joined by model/musician Rila Fukushima in early 2008. Since its inception IDLM has evolved into a platform to showcase up-and-coming fashion designers of today to online shoppers worldwide.

Inspired by indie music, downtown art, and street culture, IDLM reflects the youthful and daring side of fashion. “We offer our customers a collection of obscure and brilliant pieces. We look for designers that push the boundaries and bend the rules in fashion,” says IDLM co-founder Colin Talbot.

IDLM Gallery is a project of IDLM where one-of-a-kind pieces are featured from international artists and now they are proudly presenting the works of Shin Murayama. Shin started out as a product designer at Design Against Trend, followed by the launch of his own clothing label 'Musk', also known as 'Nose Job', in Japan, London and Hongkong. In 2008 Murayama moved to the U.S., for the first time exhibiting his art under his own name. He announced his mask series project 'Valhalla' and the project is now to be exhibited at IDLM Gallery.

Shin is an artist who creates the most elaborate, original masks from fabric, seashells and pieces of clothing. The masks are exhibited at the IDLM Gallery from Friday 20th of March and IDLM has decided to donate its full share of profit to Designers against AIDS, so a special thank you is in place here!


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