If You’re Gay, Straight, Bi - Or Something In Between
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 12th of June 2013 03:15:22 PM

There’s a time for dancing … and it’s now. I found this song while browsing the internet a while a go and it got stuck with me. And if you are fair, you have to admit it’s kind of catchy, no? Of course the dynamics of the song are not the prior reason for my love. Although it might have ‘caught my eye’, the message is what really got my attention. Honesty first though, I’m bicurious at the most, so not a ‘huge muff diver’ – like miss Drysdale would say – but I do understand the cruelty of kids and the feeling that high school can be a suffocating place where the judging never stops. – Whether it’s about your sexuality, your weight or the color of your socks -. I had the luck of changing high school in time and ended up spending my last years in very tolerant place. My class was a group of all kind of different people mingled together, but surprisingly they got along quite well. But still, the feeling of wanting to fit in and wanting to be ‘normal’ does not easily leave your side. And it is true, that you get a lot more breathing space and freedom when you leave high school and make a choice about the people that surround you and the way you want to go with your life.  Plus come one people, how boring would life be without diversity in human kind? Take a look around and appreciate every face you see, because in the end we’re all just as ‘abnormal’. So how about we dance to this song together? Check out the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTQNwMxqM3E

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