Katy Perry Kissed A Girl ...
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 25th of February 2014 04:33:04 PM

… And it seems like she didn’t like it as much as the song suggests.  Of course we can't continue this story without Miley Cyrus. The teenage star has been a hot topic of conversation for the last few months now and with her new tour called Bangerz launched recently, she is a regular face in the media. A few days ago during one of her concerts, Miss Cyrus noticed Katy Perry in the crowd and leaned in for a kiss.  Katy seems to be cut by surprise as you can see in the video and turns away giggling. No need to say that the internet exploded afterwards. Both stars also tweeted about the event:  Miley has a cute picture of the kiss, Katy Perry of the reaction to it. 

Cutie Katy Perry has been a friend of DAA since her participation in Fashion Against Aids. Her beautiful design was sold on both a bodysuit and a T-shirt. Do you guys remember what I’m talking about? Who has one of her designs in their closet? And just to say it once: girls, if the kissing goes any further, please keep me up to date so I can give you some tips on safe sex with girl on girl action!

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