Looking For An Inspiring Internship? Come And Join DAA!
Author: Ninette Murk
Thursday 27th of February 2014 07:49:55 AM

NEWS UPDATE: For our workshop starting October 1st, we are specifically looking for young people from India, as we'll be working on our new India against AIDS project those 3 months, that will be launched on World AIDS Day 2014. Please spread this news, thank you!
Lots of international students and recent graduates from creative fields are looking for an internship right now and most of them end up at a multinational, filing away, making coffee and doing other easy -and often a bit boring- tasks. But how about an internship where you get responsibility for a project almost straight away, get to use your brain, creativity and any other talent you have, meet people from all over the world -including some celebs- and do your bit to make that world a bit more beautiful and fair? That's what the DAA workshops are about: we create social media campaigns and other projects together, you get to blog about your experiences every day, pitch in with the cooking, cleaning and gardening too -it's like a commune here but not really-, discover what Antwerp has to offer (talking about museums, people. Not just bars) and have a lot of fun along the way. Ideally, students come here under a program such as Leonardo Da Vinci or European Voluntary Service (EVS) so your expenses are covered. Are you intrigued? Then check out http://www.designersagainstaids.com/application/ to see which workshops are coming up this year and what the requirements are. Who knows, you might become part of Team DAA soon.





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