Made In Belgium: New Documentary 'Free As A Bird'
Author: Saleta A. I.
Wednesday 29th of October 2014 03:24:28 PM

Each person has a tolerance for suffering and therefore there's no objective indicator that can be applied to everybody about when life becomes so unbearable they want to end it. In the new documentary 'Nathan: Free As a Bird', Belgian film director Roel Nollet tracks the last 3 years in the life of Nancy, a 41 year old Belgian woman who hopes to achieve inner peace through breaking the shell that encloses her true nature: to become a man. After three years of painful and traumatic surgeries, Nancy has been renamed Nathan and thinks he has achieved serenity. Unfortunately he still isn't feeling that he has a precise identity until, after he had lost all expectations, he decides to separate himself from the physical body that was feeling like a stranger to him. The final days before his euthanasia seem to be the happiest that Nathan has lived in his short life. His friends, family and the doctors were not able to change his mind, all they could do was be there for him until the end, until the moment when he felt "free as a bird." 

We think that this is a very worthwhile video with a sensitive subject that isn't being talked about a lot - if you feel the same way, please share this article and the link to the video, so that many people get to know about it.


'NATHAN' - trailer from Roel Nollet on Vimeo.

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