Meet The Contraceptives
Author: Indra Moonen
Wednesday 13th of March 2013 04:18:23 PM


Ever wondered what contraceptives would look like when they were real persons? And what they would tell you? Maybe they would try to talk you into using them, or maybe they would even talk down the other contraceptives?

The Community Healthcare Network actually made a video about contraceptives played by real people. It’s really funny and clever at the same time. Every contraceptive gives information about themselves and they say why they are the best. The actual message behind this video is that, when you’re looking for your perfect contraceptive, you shouldn’t listen to what everyone else says; you should just pick the contraceptive that fits you best and that you feel good about. And we at DAA would like to add that a contraceptive that not only protect you against pregnancy but also against STD's is almost always the best choice!

Take a look at the video:


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