One Of Our Tokio Hotel Contest Winners Speaks Out
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 3rd of April 2013 02:03:14 PM

Remember our Tokio Hotel contest? It seems like we made 5 Tokio Hotel-lovers very happy! One of them was Mary, a big fan who lives in Brazil.  She has been so nice to send us a picture with her new – favorite- poster and to tell us a little story about her and her love for the band.

‘In 2009 I was watching the MTVBRASIL and every day the song Monsoon played. So I started to pay attention to the band behind the song: Tokio Hotel. I started searching for their music and bam! I fell in love with them. I a have a fanclub and I’m part of the team ‘Tokio Hotel Rio De Janeiro Official’. In 2009 I suffered from panic attacs and had to leave school… To help me through this I got the support of God, my mom and Tokio Hotel ( on a psychological level ). That’s how amazing they are for me. They’re so cute, adorable and they like to make their fans happy. I also suffered from being bullied in school and have always been excluded from school activities. This is also why I never had true friends. But now, everything is so different. I have the best idols in the world and they have the best fans! They are my friends now and mean everything to me!’

It seems like we chose a true fan as a winner! – Of course I’m pretty sure that she’s not the only one… - Thank you Mary for this lovely story and I hope you enjoy the poster - and the band!  

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