Pop up shop? Taken down shop!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Friday 22nd of June 2012 05:00:00 PM

Last Wednesday was the last day of our Pop Up Shop… No tears were shed, but we did leave there with a bit of a sad heart. The City Hall became our new home for 6 weeks and that’s also how we felt there: at home. From an empty room, we build a great store – with of course the wonderful design of our coworker & architect Jean-Yves- that was filled with great memories. Of course not only good ones!  We had a lady who thought we were a store for gays only, so we had to very kindly explain to her that she’s not so smart… We had some creeps who tried to hit on me, talking about my beautiful eyes – thank you of course –and Ninette had to glare them down before they would leave. But that doesn’t add up to all the good memories: the visit of the mayor ànd the vice mayor, our catwalk fun – with Jean-Yves in those lovely silver shorts!- , the talks we had with people from all over the world. It’s amazing how many people told us they think we have a great initiative. I remember this Dutch couple asking if they could take a picture of our poster so they could show it to their daughter who was going on her first vacation alone. All our days of flyering paid off in lovely conversations, and not only with the people on the street. The students here at IHAEC got to know each other quite w ell, and it’s safe to say that we became good friends.  Well, let’s say Designers Against Aids makes the world a better place in more than one way ;-)

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