Proudly Presenting: The Gay-O-Meter!
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 9th of October 2013 05:35:58 PM

Good news of today: apparently researchers are developing a way to medically ‘detect' homosexuals. It is a pity when gay people hide themselves behind the appearance of a happy family (wife, children, dogs...) and meanwhile they express their real nature in gay cruising areas or saunas. This could be a way to prove that if you're gay there is nothing you can do to change it - and it's all right like this!!

However, I doubt the actual effectiveness of these tests, since the research is being conducted in Kuwait, a country where homosexuals are banned and people under 21 who are discovered being gay risk more than 10 years of prison. Same story in other states of the Gulf (GCC): for instance, the death penalty for gay people is still applied in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania.

The director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, Yousuf Mindkar, wants stricter measures that will help with ‘detecting' gays arriving in any of the GCC member states and bar them from entering.

Are they really designing a Gay-o-meter? Such a charming idea but, sadly, at this point there are no details about the way these tests are going to work. Maybe they will start playing songs by Madonna or Britney in the airport and look for who starts dancing like a queen? Or they mightl check the suitcases: do not dare to take jock straps or Jean Paul Gaultier's clothes to Kuwait! Nor Dolce and Gabbana for that matter. Armani is OK, but Calvin Klein is even better. We are talking about rich countries here, actually they could also afford to pay hostesses to flirt with men to check their level of macho-ness. Guys who're not seduced into a quickie during the trip are not even allowed to get off the airplane.

My dear Yousuf, you should know that, whatever law or test you're going to develop, you just can not erase the gay population. Gay people will just continue in hiding themselves within the borders of your country, pretending to lead the life of a normal, straight, Muslim man and secretly having gay sex. Having a wife, children and/or dogs will not stop them from being who they really are.

To blame for this shameful situation is anybody in a position of power who still wonders why gays are gay, instead of simply accepting their existence. We're all equal, OK?!


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