Reykjavik And Moscow Near To A Break Over New Anti-Gay Law
Author: M. G.
Saturday 13th of July 2013 02:12:34 PM

The new policies that the Russian government is taking regarding LGBT issues had quite an impact throughout the social media the last few days. By the way, until recently I was of the opinion that the virtual community has only a relative power compared to such an über-powerful country as Russia. Today it was a kind of a relief when I read that the tiny country of Iceland is giving -for the nth time!- a lesson of civilization to the rest of the world. Here you can read how the mayor of the capital city Reykjavik  -Jón Gnarr Kristinsson- submitted a proposal to end the partnership to its sister-city Moscow because of the Russian homophobic wave. We are talking about the same country that in 2009 saw the election of the first openly homosexual prime minister in the world, Mrs. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. When I think about a small, hyper-isolated and low-populated country like this I can hardly believe that its inhabitants can be such progressive people. Chapeau. Some people have already started to mythicize this country as a sort of heaven for these and other many reasons – read some comments on the article in the link above. I actually don’t think so, I am convinced that we are talking about common sense and sense of humanity since gay people are just normal people, that’s it. Obviously I am wrong and I also am quite pessimistic about the influence that the Icelandic statement will have in the international community. Nobody wants to go against the super-macho-power of Russia. Hoping to be disproved soon, I confirm again all my and DAA’s support to the LGBT Russian community.


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