Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 24th of October 2012 02:23:18 PM

SUPERBUG!! No, it is not a minor in possession of a smartphone with extra loud speakers (that of course need to be tested in the bus right next to you...) but rather, in this case, it's any disease or organism which is resistant against lots of antibiotics and therefore almost incurable. Currently, the STD gonorrhea has reached the superbug status, so there is only one antibiotic left on the market that efficiently fights it. And in the event that this last medicine won't work anymore either, we might end up with another disease that's as deadly as HIV/AIDS was before anti retrovirals were invented.
First I'll explain how likely it is for bacteria to become antibiotic-resistant: every minute bacteria produce a new generation by multiplying themselves. When a mistake occurs, the chance that the actual clone isn't a perfect copy from the original one is really high. The smallest difference makes the new bacteria even stronger against antibiotics, because the medicine was created to fight against the original one. Can you guess the big problem? Humans may produce new pills, but the bacteria keep on changing... so someday, all ways of producing a pill against a specific bacteria will be exhausted until there will be no efficient antibiotic left.
We will keep you up to date about this serious issue and we hope it reaches never the superbug status and meanwhile: always use a condom to protects yourself against all STD's! XX Nikola

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