The launch and press conference of Bali Against AIDS
Author: Jean-Yves Dushime
Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 03:06:52 PM

Today was the launch and press conference for Bali Against AIDS. It was a successful event with lots of local press coming to it, including TVRI the Indonesian national television channel, local radio stations (Cassanova and Hard Rock Radio) and a lot of local newspapers.

They were 3 speakers: Ninette Murk, the founder and director of Designers Against AIDS, Brenton Whittaker from Bali Kids, an orphanage that provides pre and postoperative care for children with special medical needs including HIV and Ayu Ratna Wulandari, from KISARA, the local youth section of International Planned Parenthood Assocation; but from now on will be running Bali Against AIDS, our first international employee. Ninette, talked about the history of Designers Against AIDS and why we decided to launch this outreach program. Brenton talked about the work of Bali Kids and the problems that they face in the field, namely the need for more information and understanding of HIV by people who are infected and the importance of continuing to take their medicine, even when they feel fine. Ratna talked about the experience of doing the workshops leading to this launch and about the content and idea behind the Bali Against AIDS website.

We also announced the big concert that will hold next year for young people in the Renon Park, here in Bali, very exciting times ahead!! We could not wish for a better launch.


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