We Finally Made It!
Author: Dita Amalia
Monday 4th of May 2015 08:41:03 AM

I arrived in Bali on 3rd of May, which means my adventure will soon begin with Designers against Aids, creating the new social media platform Indonesia against Aids! My name is Dita Amalia and I’m joining as a student for the workshop. I find it really challenging to learn something that has been already become a big issue in my own country, Indonesia and also to support and help young people to understand more about HIV/AIDS. Because I’m afraid that for now I can’t help them enough yet and doubt whether I’m compatible with this, but it encourages me to come to join the workshop in Bali so I can learn to make a difference in a fun way. I was really excited when I first set feet in Bali, because Bali will be my new home for a month! I need to mingle with local people and enjoy my stay in a local way, which I think is very exciting. I have to ride a motorcycle in order to get to some places, honestly speaking I’m not a big fan of motorcycles and I can’t hardly ride them. But that’s what it’s all about when I chose to join the workshop: to learn something new. I hope I can help young Indonesian people to raise their awareness concerning this subject and issues, in a fun, creative and different way. I’m looking forward to share my ideas to people, especially for those who need it. Bali has treated me nicely so far, the people are so nice and very helpful and I hope I can pay it forward while I’m staying here!

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