44 Billion Condoms In 2020: Cheers!
Author: M. G.
Friday 20th of June 2014 11:32:35 AM

If you put 44 billion condoms in line, they would measure more than 2 millions kilometres in length: can you imagine that? Wall Street Journal's expectations for the future world's production of condoms are quite high. Operation of family planning and prevention of STDs will make the condoms' market grow and reach 44 billion units in the next 6 years.
This is a huge number and these are the kind of predictions that DAA really likes, especially because this means that you‘d better promote and make people use these massive amount of rubbers, otherwise what's the point?
To market condoms will continue to be a big thing and a recent example provided by the article on wsj.com is the Caipirinha-flavoured condoms, ordered by Washington-based nonprofit organization DKT International and distributed under the brand name Prudence. The limited edition condoms are created in occasion of the World Championship 2014 and produced by the Malaysian colossus Karex. They taste like the Brazialian signature cocktail (limes, sugar and cachaça), while the packaging shows the national colours of Brazil: green and yellow.
The first delivery of the Prudence Caipirinha condoms counted of 864,000 units and was sold out in 15 days and this week Brazil received an additional batch of 864,000 condoms to distribute. Moreover, UNAIDS is now also very active with the ‘Protect The Goal' campaign, handing out around 2 million condoms to soccer fans in the 12 World Cup host cities. We can safely say that Brazil is now kind of overwhelmed by an avalanche of condoms.
Karex is a company that increased its value by 25% this year and this gives quite a clear signal about what's the trend for the future about condoms. In fact, in the hopes of the condoms' producer, big events like the World Cup will not only mean a temporarily boost in condoms sales, but a way of creating new condom consumers around the world. We can finally conclude that lot of work is also expected for NGO's all over the world, especially in non-western countries, where condom use still isn't a fully accepted practice. Be ready for the safe-sex avalanche- we certainly are!

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