How Do People Really Feel About The Use Of Condoms In Porn?
Author: Veronica Radicati
Tuesday 20th of November 2012 03:39:13 PM

As some of you may have already read here on the DAA site: porn stars in Los Angeles, California (USA) are now obliged by law to wear protection in their films.  This law, called Measure B, has met a lot of resistance of both producers and actors who are saying that people will stop watching porn if they see the actors using condoms. But is that really the case? Thanks to online magazine Vice we now know what porn viewers really think of actors using condoms in their favorite 'movies', as they went out on the street and interviewed people about how they feel about the issue. Below is one of the answers they got -which is also my personal favourite:

Michael, 24, musician: “Porn actors should probably use condoms, yeah. You know – for plenty of obvious safety reasons. You can never be too sure.”

Reporter: “They do get tested every 28 days, though.”

Michael: “Yeah, but the HIV virus can lie dormant for months and months. You need to be on that.”

Right on, Michael! And for those of you interested in checking out the whole story, click here:




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